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Presentation and Publishing

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A star Red Star indicates tools that combine power (advanced, multiple, or flexible features) with ease of use. The star tends to be reserved for tools capacious enough for multiple uses or add-on uses that they might also be called "platforms" (e.g., TAPoR, Many Eyes, or Google Earth).  (Other tools may be more powerful, or more easy to use, but not in combined balance.)


red starOMEKA (text-and-multimedia exhibition content management system; hosted online or installed on local server)



red starPrezi (alternative to PowerPoint using an infinite canvas rather than slide metaphor; online and offline versions)



red starSophie (platform for creating networked, multimedia documents)


Sophie editing interface

Sophie editing interface
"Sophie Author allows users to create complex networked multimedia documents without specialized training. Sophie Reader allows readers to read Sophie books in a browser without downloading a separate application.  Comment frames allow easily constructed spaces for discussion inside of books.  Browser frames allow embedding fully functional web browsers in book pages.  Sophie can export content to HTML, bringing the interactive multimedia to web browsers, iPad and Android devices.
    Sophie creates digital libraries that can be used in Sophie iPad app.  Easy to use embedded books: Sophie books can open inside other Sophie books.  Frame-based timelines present an easy way to create animations.  Sophie Server allows uploading, managing, and downloading books on a server.  Sophie Server allows simultaneous collaborative creation of book."

red starWordPress (content management system based on blog paradigm; hosted online or installed on local server)



red starPBWorks (wiki platform oriented toward educational use)





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