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Gaming and Machinima

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A star Red Star indicates tools that combine power (advanced, multiple, or flexible features) with ease of use. The star tends to be reserved for tools capacious enough for multiple uses or add-on uses that they might also be called "platforms" (e.g., TAPoR, Many Eyes, or Google Earth).  (Other tools may be more powerful, or more easy to use, but not in combined balance.)


Machinima ("machine cinema") tools allow users to create their own CGI [computer generated imagery] movies using 3D animation "engines" of the sort originally used in first-person shooter and other computer games)


red starMovieStorm (Machinima creation program)


MovieStorm editing interface

MovieStorm editing interface
Full-featured production environment for machinima that comes with starter suites of characters and sets (trial period; low-cast educational license; more characters and sets can be purchased). Create your setting; cast your film; edit, place, move, and direct your characters; dub-in speech and other audio; direct the action; manage camera placement and movement; wrap and share online as desired. The MovieStorm site features films by its user community.



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