Text Generators

A star Red Star indicates tools that combine power (advanced, multiple, or flexible features) with ease of use. The star tends to be reserved for tools capacious enough for multiple uses or add-on uses that they might also be called "platforms" (e.g., TAPoR, Many Eyes, or Google Earth).  (Other tools may be more powerful, or more easy to use, but not in combined balance.)



Cybernetic Poet / Poet's Assistant (Text-Generator for Poets); downloadable for Windows)

Poem in the style of Emily Dickinson written with the aid of Poet's Assistant

The free version of this tool allows one to choose a poet-vocabulary (e.g., Blake, Byron, Dickinson) and be prompted--by means of an assistance window alongside the main composition window--on what that poet might next say after any entered word. The scale of "what's next?" can be set optionally to alliterative sequences, the next word, the rest of the line, and the rest of the poem. The paid version of the program allows poets to model "what's next?" on their own style.